A Benchmade Pocket Knife Is Yours for Life

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Benchmade’s iconic statement, though it sounds like a romantic pledge of faith, is really more of an attest of their unflinching adherence to quality standards. Well respected in a number of circles that have a serious need for hardworking tools, Benchmade has been delivering knives that can stand up to the toughest use, all while presenting the user with comfortable ergonomics and practicality.

To put it simply, a Benchmade pocket knife, or any of Benchmade’s knives, really, is an honest to goodness piece of iron – figuratively and literally. They are some of the toughest edged tools that a buyer can find anywhere in the world, but the best part about them is that they are innovative as well as rugged.

Benchmade is not shy about introducing new designs, capitalizing on metallurgical processes, and experimenting with materials to enhance the quality of their products. A Benchmade pocket knife like the Benchmade Griptilian Folder with a black nylon handle and a plain S30V edge illustrates this better than most.

Among those who carry knives daily and depend on them for work or life, the name Griptilian doesn’t even need “Benchmade” attached to it. It is a strong enough brand of its own, respected and revered by those that own it, and envied by those that don’t. It is an emblem of innovative, thoughtful, insightful design – the type that has come to characterize Benchmade in general. Models like this one – and other similar ones like the Mini Griptilian – are everything most knife owners could ask for and more.

This specific folding knife sets the bar high with Benchmade’s axis lock, which is a strong lead since the lock is one of the last things to which knife makers pay any mind. That’s somewhat unfortunate since a folding knife is only as good as its lock. Strong, easy to engage and disengage and reliable, Benchmade’s axis lock is legendary.

The knife continues its strong suite of attributes with a nylon handle that is extremely light, very strong, and impervious to most changes in the weather, including temperature and humidity. As a synthetic, it requires less care than natural materials and is lighter than most of them as well. Moreover, it is textured in all the right places to provide a maximum degree of grip.

As should be the case with most any knife, this model’s strongest asset is its blade, both for design, construction, and material. It’s a modified sheepsfoot profile, which gives the blade the dexterity of a clipped point and the strength of a drop point, which makes it great for crafting and carving, general utility, and even cleaning game. Moreover, the blade is forged from S30V, a steel that can be treated to such hardness that it can be a real chore to sharpen. Be that as it may, this knife will remain razor-sharp forever and a day.

Does that make this the only Benchmade pocket knife worth getting? Absolutely not – what it does is illustrate the kind of quality you can find in all of the pocket knives and fixed blades from Benchmade Knife Company. As they say, a Benchmade is yours, for life, because that’s how long it will last. To find this and other knives like it, and to get free shipping as well, visit White Mountain Knives at WhiteMountainKnives.com. They have a massive selection of Benchmades and really great prices and customer service too.

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