Best Things to Know before Traveling to Jakarta, Indonesia

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Though Jakarta is not a famous travel destination, it does not mean that people do not visit this city at all. The city has its own character and significance about which certain tourists are always passionate. Generally, they come here for a brief stay and then move on to more enchanting destinations. However, there are also some people who their days and nights in this city. So, it squarely depends upon the aptitude of travelers.

If you are also among the people who want to explore the hidden gems of Jakarta, it is important for you to learn some essential things. Not only will you be able to educate yourself about the local culture, but you will also be in a better condition to furnish your traveling tasks. Here are some interesting yet important things to know before coming to Jakarta with Qatar Airways flight booking.

1.    Petrol Is Very Cheap Here

Petrol is a general item without which the vehicles cannot move. However, you will be pleased to know that it is remarkably cheap in Indonesia in general and Jakarta in particular. Due to the low petrol prices, the transport fares are also affordable, which eventually means the budget travelers will have a quality time here. So, whenever you want to visit a significant spot in Jakarta, just hire a taxi and you are ready to embrace the beauty of that place. The petrol is so cheap here that you can explore the entire city on a taxi.

2.    The Mall Culture is Quite Interesting

Whenever you ask the locals for some suggestions to do fun, they would always urge you to go to shopping malls. And to spend a quality time in Jakarta, it is crucial to go to the malls and indulge in the amusing activities. Apart from entertainment, the malls also offer a complete shopping range. You will find all kinds of brand outlets here. Not only that, there is nothing you cannot buy from the malls. Clothes, groceries, jewelry, and ornaments, everything can be accessed here. So, you must visit several of Jakarta’s malls in order to increase the charm.

3.    Stay Away from Drugs

Since Indonesia is an Islamic country, drugs of any kind are not tolerated here. It does not matter how high the bribe is, police will never release you if you are caught up consuming alcoholic drinks. Though in some Muslim countries, officials do not say anything to the foreigners for consuming drugs. But in Jakarta, even if you have come from America, you will not be spared for even possessing the drugs. So, the best way to avoid inconvenience is to go as far away as possible from drugs. Or else, you would be in a very serious trouble.

4.    Indonesia Was a Dutch Colony

You must have heard about the term “Colonialism” many a time! Haven’t you? Whenever we talk about colonization, we always tend to think about British colonization. However, there were also other states that had formed their colonies in the several parts of the world. Netherland is one such state that had colonized Indonesia and its cities. They ruled the country 1800 to 1942. So, you will certainly witness the Dutch influence over here. There are also some buildings and museums that depict the Dutch architecture. So, never get confused when you observe the Dutch ambience in Jakarta.

5.    Street Food in Jakarta is Impressive

The common trait of all the Muslims countries is their stunning food scene. It is because Muslims all across the world love to eat delicious meals. Similarly, since they also love all kinds of meat, you will find the best meat dishes in the Muslim countries. Gado gado, and satay are the popular street dishes in Jakarta. Satay is made up of peanut sauce with the meat sticks, whereas gado gado is a dish of veggies and tamarind broth. These dishes can be found in hundreds of shops and bakeries that are spread all over Jakarta. To experience the supreme food scene of Jakarta, you should prefer booking cheap flights tickets in advance.

6.    The Traffic in the City Is Really Bad

The traffic in Jakarta is overwhelming. The traffic jam in the roads is quite common. People who live here constantly complain about the congestion of vehicles and bikes on the road. So, it might take hours to go to a place where you could otherwise reach in just a couple of minutes. The best way to deal with this dilemma is to act patiently. You should also try to hire a bike so that you can pass through the jam-packed roads. Instead of going on vehicles, try to go to the nearby places on foot. Certainly, it is the only way to counter the traffic-jam problem.

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