Three Reasons to Accent Your Home with a Modern Linear Fireplace

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Whether you are building a new home, renovating your current home or just looking for ways to spice up the design and add some fresh character, you will have many options at your disposal. The accents in your home, the interior fixtures, the furniture and the decor will all come together to give your home its unique spirit of place.

One of the most powerful features of any space is the fireplace it contains as a part of its design. Now, of course, not every interior has one, but those that do will find that it serves as a natural focal point for the company and can even serve as a conversation starter.

Even fireplaces as simple as cast iron wood burning stoves will fill this role admirably in interior design, but floridly embellished and customized traditional and modern fireplaces will do just as well if not better. Regardless of your unique situation, incorporating a fireplace into the design will offer you a range of functionality and aesthetics.

Some of the best ways to get not only functional but a really custom designed appeal for your interior space is with a Modern Linear Fireplace. Linear fireplaces have grown tremendously in popularity in recent years and really can offer homeowners a lot in the way of form and function. With no further ado, here are three great reasons to accent your home with a modern linear fireplace.

They Offer Plenty of Frontage
In the first place, and as we mentioned before, people will naturally be drawn to fireplaces and will congregate around them as focal points in a room or setting. Similarly to how people will crowd around the ring of a fire pit or around a grill in the backyard, people will be drawn to an indoor fireplace.

The difference is that most of the time, inside, you only have one face to the fireplace, which puts space at a premium. In other words, people can’t gather on both sides because one side is a wall. Many modern linear fireplaces offer a significant boost in frontage over some traditional models. In fact, you can find some models in 54” or even 60” configurations – plenty of space for company.

Many Are Customizable to the Setting
Not only does a modern linear fireplace offer plenty of frontage, but so many of them can be customized to a setting and offer high quality, cutting edge technologies and features that really mesh with design.

Whether you choose a direct vent linear gas fireplace or an electric linear fireplace, with many models you can get high quality materials and accessories like log sets that will perfectly accent the interior design of your living space.

In many models, you can customize the looks of the log set that goes with it, along with the liner and other features such as the crushed glass or crystal media that will serve as a substrate. With some electric models you can easily customize the color, height and even light output of the flames to perfectly match the mood and setting.

They’re Impressively Practical
With everything so far in the rearview, it can be all too easy to lose sight of the fact that a modern linear fireplace can be a really practical tool as well. Both gas and electric fireplaces are capable of offering adequate heating to many different spaces and some even come with optional blowers. It’s like a piece of art that can suit the mood and keep everyone comfortable as well.

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