Why should I post comments on other blogs?

The SEO technique of commenting on blogs to bring traffic to your website and generate inbound links was very popular until the mid-2000s. Since then things have changed and blog commenting is emerging as a technique completely. has been. There are several reasons for this.

The first and decisive reason is that the links posted in comments are now no-follow links, which are not followed by the Google Bot. Google, by creating no-follow links about ten years ago, wanted to prevent the aberrant development of comment spam. He succeeded. The fact that the comment links are no-follow (except on very rare websites) has considerably reduced the SEO interest of this technique. Today, the impact on natural referencing of links posted in comments is practically zero.

Another reason for disavowing blog comments can be summed up in one word: laziness. Yes, commenting on blogs is particularly time-consuming. You may have experienced it … Especially if you want to do things well, by writing relevant comments, supported and directly related to the commented articles (which means reading them, at least diagonally …). We could also invoke other, less crucial reasons for the disaffection of comments blogs: egoism (the idea of ​​publishing interesting content for free on other sites, sometimes competitors, repels more than one), the development of guest blogging (guest articles), etc.

Why then post an article on blogging commentary? This is an article by James Johnson, published on Niche Hacks, which highlights this blog practice how. For him, to lose interest in this technique is to miss an opportunity, an effective technique to generate traffic, develop his notoriety, improve his brand image, and his web activity more generally. This article particularly stimulated us. We drew inspiration from it to write this article which, we hope, will also interest you and will change your outlook on blog comments. Find out why and how to blog comment effectively and productively right away.

Why post comments on other blogs?

Why post comments on other blogs? It was indicated in the introduction that commenting on blogs no longer had any interest in natural referencing since the creation of Google “no-follow” links. The interest of blog commentary is to be sought elsewhere. There are four main benefits of blogging today. Here they are:

Commenting on blogs is the first step in expanding your network, meeting other bloggers, and making yourself known to their audience.

If you want to develop your brand image and your reputation as an expert, blog commentary is a tool with great potential.

Commenting on blogs helps keep you up to date with what’s happening in your niche, and find new ideas for interesting content for your site.

Finally, “blog commenting” can help you increase traffic to your site.

Let us go deeper into the heart of the matter and now detail these four points.

# 1 Blog commenting helps expand your network

Usually, bloggers don’t care about you. Why? Because you don’t care about them, except when you need them – to promote a product, for example, or just ask them for advice. You are not in a process of reciprocity. When you email them asking for a favor by explaining that you are a big fan of their blog, the blogger behind their screen wonders: how come you haven’t posted any comments or posted any messages on them. social networks if you are a big fan? You may not even be subscribed to their newsletter. Consequence: your email may end up straight in the trash.

Commenting on blogs in your niche allows you to gain recognition from the people who maintain these blogs and build up a network of knowledge. As you comment, bloggers will eventually remember your name. They will eventually realize that you are not only a huge fan of their blog (which will flatter their egos) but also an expert player in the industry. Commenting on blogs related to your industry allows you to make a name for yourself with the players in your niche. That is to say with the bloggers themselves, but also with their audience. Readers of blog posts often take a look at the comments. It also makes it much easier for you to get in touch with bloggers when the time comes, to give your opinion on their work,

# 2 But also to create a reputation as an expert

When you comment on another blog, it also allows you to enhance your brand image and appear in the eyes of bloggers and their audience as a reference in the field, an expert. This of course to write intelligent comments, which bring real added value, which bounce on important aspects addressed in the article or which broaden the problem. Rich comments, which reflect real expertise, often trigger discussions involving the blogger and some readers of the article. This helps to increase the visibility of your comment. Bloggers are usually very attentive to comments that stand out and reveal expertise. This can lead to initial contact and interesting business opportunities. Commenting on blogs can help make you an authority in your field and a wanted person.

# 3 Commenting on blogs allows you to stay informed about the news in your sector

Many of you probably do not read (or read very episodically) the articles published on blogs in your niche/industry. Except when you encounter a very specific problem, on a very particular subject (this is probably the reason which led you to come across this article!). Everyone does that from time to time. On the other hand, if you are actively looking for blog posts to comment on, you are bound to read a lot more content that falls within your field of activity. This is one of the big benefits of blogging commenting: this activity requires you to follow blogs that are relevant to your professional activity and regularly read published content. Commenting on blogs requires you to keep yourself constantly informed of news and issues relevant to your niche. This is the third benefit of blog commenting.

# 4 Finally, commenting on blogs generates traffic

The final argument in favor of blog commenting: it generates traffic and leads. To generate traffic through blog comments, two conditions must be met

Your comments must first contain a link to content on your site.

Your link must be contextualized and logically integrated into the content of your comment, which again means creating a relevant, reasoned, and thoughtful comment.


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